Let’s work out which style of photography you prefer.

1. Reportage wedding photography (Photojournalism)

Reportage wedding photography is a storytelling style of wedding photography, the photographer allows moments to unfold with minimal involvement. The photographer uses their creativity to capture and interpret those moments through their photography. This style of photography is also good for people that feel nervous in front of the camera. When using this style of photography we do still try to get to know your guests first, have a laugh with them as this helps them forget about the camera and allows us to get more natural images.

2. Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography has quite a bit of photographer involvement. The photographer is more involved in the wedding day coordination and helps organizes the day to allow set times for various posed sessions, and assists in guiding and directing the wedding. We do have extensive experience in directing and posing people for group formals when necessary as well as organizing the day’s events with wedding venues and wedding planners.

3. Fashion Wedding Photography

Fashion photography is a genre of photography, and that focuses around displaying clothing and other fashion items. This style of photography is slowing becoming more popular, there are several unique photography techniques that are employed in fashion photography. These techniques include the usage of unique off camera lighting, fashion poses and expressions along with dramatic backgrounds and on occasion props. Fashion wedding photography is more stylised, requiring time, lighting, vision and editing to create artistic and dramatic images. Typically this style of wedding photography will only be used at the request of the bride and groom during the engagement shoot/bridal shoot, as it does require photographer involvement.

4. Fine-Art Wedding Photography

Fine-art wedding photography involves artistic angles, creative lighting, unique compositions and advanced post-production techniques to create an image with a much stronger artistic flare. Wedding photographers are very meticulous about researching scenes and anticipating moments so that we can use fine-art techniques, without interfering too much with our surroundings. Fine-art wedding photography starts with an artistic finish in mind and post-production, these images are transformed into fine-art using textures, filters, masks, and other advanced Photoshop techniques to create a visually stunning, emotional image.

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